amelia... it's been a while.

i know, i know... it's really been forever since i blogged. i keep thinking i will get on here and update things... and i never do. and really, what do i post? photos/photography/etc. so, i have a more dedicated photography blog setup that i should try not to neglect. it's here in case you want to bookmark it.

so where have i been exactly? sitting on my couch after work with my computer reading photography blogs, books, and forums until my eyeballs fall out. unless i have a session, and then i can be found in that same position, only editing photos and asking for critique from my husband. who i've found, doesn't really like critiquing my work. this little hobby of mine has sort of taken over... but i like it. and i am learning new stuff every day.

that being said, i wanted to post an image from a session for a friend a few weeks back. this is little amelia, all of 12 days old when this was taken. she slept like a champ after we got her to sit still for a few minutes. unfortunately, day light was not on our side and i didn't get too many more images after this.

hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!


monica | senior photos

Monica is graduating! We had a fun time running around Lubbock to get a few shots and I even got to meet her doggie, Oscar. Here are a few of my favorites…

(wanna see these photos a little larger? check out my new photo blog at amandasneed.myfotojournal.com)


charity + james engagements.

wow, it's been a while since i've posted, i know. life has been busy, my friends! i just wanted to stop in and share a few of my favorites from a recent engagement session with charity and james. these two will be tying the knot in june 2012!

you guys were so sweet to drive down to lubbock for this photoshoot on a sunday! hope you enjoy this little peek :)


friday links.

i know this is random... but
lots of things have been preoccupying my thoughts lately.

my career path. where do i want to be in the future? who do i want to be?

family. life is moving along quickly and i can't stop time.

the american dream. working our asses off to not owe anyone money. i'm thankful for my college education, but i'm starting to wonder if the price tag is really worth it.

you know, all the things everybody else thinks about all the time.

now that i've left you deep in thought, here are some links from my week:

cute post about pet photography over on fstop frenzy. really has me thinking about donating my services to a local shelter.

this embroidered portrait is a.ma.zing. via theredthread.

although this isn't exactly my style, i love some of the touches in this kitchen makeover on girls with good taste.

i need to make these bracelets featured on in honor of design.

also, this cake sounds delish. would somebody make it for my birthday? on sweetapolita.

have an amazing weekend!



desirable traits in a photographer's friend:
accepts having a camera pointed at their face. a lot.
is okay with changing clothes in public.
willing to stand in tall weeds while wearing too-big vintage boots.

will trapse all over a park just to find the right light with you.
in 100 degree weather.
after work.

helps you carry chairs and miscellaneous props.
and 10 lb. blankets.

looks fabulous in just about anything.
even ugly hats you found at your grandparent's house.

richelle, you are a worthy friend. thanks for letting me point a camera at your face for a few hours last week! hope you enjoy your photos!


friday links.

it has been a long week, my friends. though it is ending much better than it started off. i am past ready for a short get-away from crazy clients and children screaming at the top of their lungs (you know, the daycare next door to my office). i am ready for temperatures below 99 and for more wet stuff to fall from the sky (note: photo above was taken a few days after the rain we got last week... more green stuff than i've seen in a while). and i am ready for my husband to actually be next to me when i fall asleep instead of at work.

in the mean time, here are some links.

cotton & curls shares a tutorial on making your own cute, lacy, show-able slip. i will not be afraid of skirts that don't fall below my knees any longer.

i LOVE this diy wrap-turned-scarf that involves no sewing. thanks behind the seams!

this mirror is beautiful. diy? of course. via marcus design.

need cheap/free artwork? how about orange shares some paint chip inspiration.

these korean pancakes sound yummy. now to only convince d. found on dals.

have a fun weekend!


chloe's {almost} 2 year photos.

you know, life got so busy there for a while that i completely forgot to post more photos from chloe's photoshoot (way back in june... wow). anyway, this cutie is going to turn 2 later this month and i thought i should share a few of my favorites!

she is so sweet, but not necessarily up for have her photo taken... she ran from me for most of the morning. i went home wondering if i had gotten any decent shots, and when i finally started editing i knew i had a few keepers.

one tip for anyone wanting to photograph a toddler/very young child... give them something to hold. that will distract them and keep them still long enough to get a few snaps in. obviously, lollipops and flowers were our props of choice.

thanks again to raechel for letting me photograph her sweet little girl again. i hope this becomes a yearly event!!


the wedding cake.

hello friends! i admit, i didn't think i would be back so soon... last week, i really just didn't feel like myself, but thanks to some antibiotics and other drugs, i'm feeling much better now.

i finally got a chance to pull some images off my camera... and realized i still hadn't shared any of the photos from one of the weddings we attended a few weekends back. i didn't take my camera to the ceremony/reception, but i did help decorate the day before and the day of. one of my best friends made their wedding cake (her amazing strawberry cake, nonetheless) and i was up there to help with the finishing touches.

helping decorate a cake is no small task, and i absolutely love the way it turned out. of course, the bride was happy with it too, which is really what matters, right?

unfortunately, the cake attendees (that's a term, right?) were cutting super small pieces... and i didn't think it was appropriate to go back for a second piece...


friday links and books.

a few books i've done recently...

sorry for the absence... life has been... busy. and hard sometimes too. not that i'm the only one with difficulties, but it just seems extra trying right now i guess.

it's really making me question a few things... in a good way. it's making me think about where i am right now and where i want to be in the future.

anyway. hopefully i'll be able to post more soon. i've got lots of things i'd like to show you. just doesn't seem i have enough energy to put those together for you. so lets go for something easy...

here are some links:

words of wisdom has a great article on sugar addiction. i think i need to reread that one.

i have quinoa and have only cooked it once... but mint's got a recipe that looks like a great lunch option...

say yes to hoboken shows us how to add pockets to skirts.

uglygreenchair posted about washing her face with oil. i've been trying it out for about three weeks and it's definitely helped. hoping this will be a long term solution...

type on cake? i'm there. thanks twirling betty.

jessicakes answers some questions about cake decorating.

lots of others, but they are mainly recipes and photography-related stuff. don't want to bore you... hope every has a good weekend!


new places.

happy thursday! i just wanted to mention a few things i'm excited about... i'm now (as of a few weeks ago, ha!) on pinterest. loving it! i don't know why i was so hesitant to join, but (just a warning) it can be addicting. you can find me right here.

i'm also now a member at joss & main. it's a great place to score designer goods at a discount. the only drawback is that sales are only available for 72 hours and there are limited quantities on a lot of items. not so good for those of us (me) that tend to think about purchases for a while before committing. anyway, if you want to join, just follow this link. i haven't purchased anything yet, but i'm on the hunt for a new rug for the living room...


pretty as a peacock.

this book is actually from a while back, just haven't gotten around to posting books lately! i really love this peacock paper... sadly my source sold out of it before i thought to buy more.

i tried to get the sheen of the metallic gold, but it's just hard to photograph. i've got a skinny, long swatch of it left that is too small to make a book with... i'm sure i'll just keep it in my stash for a few years before i know what to do with it.


i am trying to get my act together to post more - more books, more projects, more photography. believe it or not, i really do things outside of work - you just wouldn't know it looking here. i really just have a hard time figuring out content at the end of the day when all i really want to do is drink a glass of wine and spend some time with my husband and the pups.

i do have a few other thoughts though: as an avid reader of many types of blogs, it's discouraging to constantly see how much others can seemingly get done in a day. but on the other hand, some things that others post just don't seem worth it - it's stupid (to me) or random and it upsets me that i wasted my 20 seconds glancing at their post in my reader. that the only reason it was shared was so that they would have something to post that day. and that's not the kind of content that i want on my blog. i'd like people to really look at my projects, read my thoughts and study my photographs. i want my content to be interesting. and i think that's why i've posted so sparsley lately. i am a perfectionist at heart and sometimes have a hard time making decisions, even on silly things like blog posts.

thanks for letting me rant. i think a week-long vacation to anywhere other than lubbock (or the near vicinity) would cure me.


new lens + dogs.

my new telephoto lens arrived a few weeks back, but never had a chance to use it! finally pulled it out the other night while the doggies were playing in the backyard. aren't they cute? i love that i can snap some 'candid' photos without being right on top of them. or having lillie try to lick my lens.

no links this week. i really need to re-evaluate my thoughts on blogging. i love sharing my ideas, projects and photos, but don't even post half of the stuff i do because of some mixed feelings i've started having over the last few months. maybe more on that later...

have a great weekend!!


july 1st.

june is over, along with the first half of 2011. what? i have no idea where it all went.

i'm sure no one wants to hear me ramble about how time passes too quickly... so here are some links:

how about orange shares a link to some pretty free printables. as much as i love designing things, sometimes it's nice to already have it done for you.

thanks sweetapolita, now i want to make these cupcakes and eat all of them.

new to me photography blog ground glass has some great suggestions for posing. love the writing style.

this salad recipe sounds amazing. must. try. soon. over on say yes to hoboken!

more good food: these zucchini chips sound awesome too! via 100 days of real food.

i LOVE these baby quilts. need i say more? found on poppytalk.

ok folks, have a good, safe, fun weekend!!


friday links.

hello friends! man, it has been HOT lately. i was ready for some warmer weather, but now i'm reconsidering. we are celebrating my nephew's first birthday this weekend, and i'm excited to get to be a part of everything.

now for some friday links...

great tutorial on a chevron friendship bracelet on one pearl button. these would be great made with some leftover fabric scraps.

i downloaded this free ebook written by scott bourne on vision in photography. haven't gotten to read it yet, but i know it will be good advice (as always!)

this recipe for pan fried tilapia sounds amazing. i know we don't eat enough fish, so this will be a perfect recipe to try out. on always order dessert.

love this idea for remembering your beloved pet after they are gone. via just something i made.

this pull apart orange bread on giverslog sounds perfect for a lazy weekend with family.

i must be on a food-kick. this chickpea salad sounds really yummy too. always looking for a quick (easy!) lunch at work and this would be perfect. over on with style & grace.

have a great weekend!!


little chloe.

you know, my hamstrings are still sore (going on 4 days now!) from chasing this little munchkin around with a camera... but editing her photos and seeing these silly faces makes it all worth it!


friday links.

ahh, it's friday. time for some relaxation? probably some, but i've got a photoshoot with a 2 year old and some wedding books to work on. and next weekend? spending time with my family to celebrate my nephew's first birthday!!

okay, now for some links...

loving this diy cakestand on rambling renovators. i've actually made one similar to this, but didn't think about painting the base.

giverslog share some tips about grilling the perfect steak. seeing as how we've been afraid to mess up a nice cut of meat, this is perfect timing!

if you need a good laugh, i suggest heading over to dinner: a love story for a witty grown-up report card.

i'm not normally a fan of commercial characters in decorating (not even for kids rooms!) but these diy paintings by bee in our bonnet takes it to a different (and cuter!) level.

i still love you takes on another leather project. these magic braided leather cuffs would be a cute gift for any girl.

have a great weekend!!


curious ethan.

sorry folks. i had a whole post ready and then it got lost. you see, i haven't quite figured out how to connect two of my accounts, and my blog decided to sign me out without warning. i've got to fix this, because it's causing me insane amounts of frustration.

but this photo makes me feel better. you should know who this little guy is. my nephew ethan, who will be turning 1 in a few short weeks! i can't believe time has gone by so quickly. it was just the other day he was born, it seems. anyway, i can't wait to celebrate this milestone with my family! and i'm sure there will be lots of pictures...


a wedding silhouette.

i wanted to share a little gift i made for a sweet girl this past weekend. she is getting married at the end of july, and i've been working on all things wedding for her since the engagement! did i mention she's the boss' daughter? the small studio where i've worked since i graduated has become like a second family to me. we share triumphs and tragedies. we work well together and make each other stronger.

i drew their silhouettes from a few of the engagement pictures taken by betsy lackey (amazing photographer, btw!) i incorporated them into the invitations, but knew i could do something special for them since i had all the right files.

julie loves all things vintage, and we incorporated some wonderful floral patterns into her printed pieces. i 'borrowed' some of the paper we'd been using for the background and cut their silhouettes out of a dark brown cardstock. the banner is another little piece that i've used throughout, and knew it would be the perfect 3-dimensional layer to add.

i popped everything into a cute thrifted frame (the double-mat was already in place, and the perfect colors!) needless to say, it got lots of attention at the shower and a heartfelt thanks from the bride and her family. it just goes to show that you can spend very little and make a big impression with just a few bucks and some time. i hope it will become a treasured part of their new life together, and i'm just happy to be a part of the celebration!


friday (flower).

where has the week gone? glad for an extra day off, that's all i have to say!

i thought since there is at least one flowering plant i can keep alive, i'd better get some macros of it while it's still pretty. the wind was not my friend that day, so i didn't get many that weren't somewhat blurry. oh well. how many macro flower pictures does one person need, anyway?

no links today, friends. too much going on! i'll try to post more next week though...


friday links and a gratuitous dog photo.

this is the view i see most days when i pull up in the driveway and d has beat me home. lillie peeking her little face out at me from between some fence posts (that need some help!) she can be such a brat sometimes, but that sweet little face always saves her.

this week has really been something else. i know i'm not the only one that hasn't had a great week, so i'm just chalking it up to stress and the full moon.

here are some links from my week...

elle apparel posted some beautiful home facade photos. i love to dream about building a home someday and the outside looking like a well-kept older home.

i love this diy ombre shirt from c&c. now to just dig through my closet for some shirts that need some love...

these fabric pom poms are beautiful!! must. make. some. immediately. on a subtle revelry.

have a great weekend!


May books.

i wanted to upload a few books that i just finished up monday. the first was this bright orange and pink number. i'd love to see how they decorated with those colors!

this red book was fun too. i made it so that the tag could be changed out. why? they wanted something specific that my printer can't do very well. this way, if they feel up to it, they can change it out at a later time to what they want exactly.


friday links.

friday again? i can't complain. ready to get out of the office and head out for the weekend!

since i didn't post any last week, here are some links from my week...

an area i need lots of help in: posing. great tips on posing seniors over on mcpactions.

i love this idea! make a rolling pin stamp with alisaburke.

nikon now has a 50mm f/1.8 lens that is compatible with my auto focus (aka: no manual focusing). yes, i am excited about this, but can't justify buying a new lens right now... visit the mansurovs for more info.

these little rolled paper flowers are. so. cute. i want to make a billion of them. tutorial on jones design company.

great article on using reflectors on improve photography. good thing, i just got in my first reflector this week!

have a great weekend!


blue & yellow.

it must be wedding season! i have been very busy with books these past few months. i really love this square one... and the colors are so fresh and bright.

yellow and gray is another favorite color combination of mine. i don't know many brides would would choose to use yellow on her wedding day, but i think it makes a lovely book.

wishing you a happy wednesday! i can't believe the week is already halfway gone...


more about the horses.

life has been so busy lately and i keep forgetting to post these little moments on the blog. as i mentioned on my last post... a few weeks back, d and i went out to a friend's house. he has some land with a big barn and some horse stalls. and some lovely horses that occupy them.

i am so not used to taking photos of moving subjects! sure, i've taken baby photos... but they don't move much compared to horses. and they don't want to come sniff your camera. and they don't run away if you don't have any food to hand out either.

but i hope to get to take more pictures of them soon. this was good practice!