new vintage.

loving this upcycled clock from andfurthermore that i found today on one of my favorite blogs, modish. made from vintage plastic lace doilies, wood, acrylic paint, and a clock kit... how beautiful is that? so simple, but graphic. would love to hang this one in my green kitchen... or pretty much anywhere i don't already have a retroesque clock. 


that time again

hello friends. it's that time again. time for a new calendar. so why should you be left with some mass produced, glossy, boring smiley kittens hanging on your wall? i've pulled some of my favorite calendar designs from where else? etsy. get them while they're hot, because some of these are closed editions... so when they're gone - well that's just too bad. there are tons of fabulous, affordable and design-friendly calendars just waiting for you... now to decide which one(s) i must have... above, letterpress calendar from larkpress                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
gorgeous and printable calendar from bluetricycle

inspired calendar from turtlepapers

another gorgeous letterpress calendar from paperedtogether

botanical print calendar from siskastudio


couch frenzy

i have been in search of the perfect sofa (within my budget!) for quite some time now. since i live (oh yeah, we're married) with a very picky man who loves his comfort, it has been a rather difficult challenge to find something that fits our style, is beautiful and is also comfortable. we also have a doggie that loves his couch time, so i have to consider colors and fabrics as well... and while i love pretty much everything vintage - doug does not always feel this way. he has more modern tendencies, which i can certainly live with. i like to think of our style as vintage flea market with a modern edge.

the photo above, courtesy of design sponge and this is glamorous took my breath away. the color, the shape, the buttons, the texture... it is everything i have been looking for. i even love the curtains! now the hunt is on to find something similar that we can afford. i know that it would probably be wise to not worry about it until after doug graduates... but i can't help but look now. i found one very similar for sale in houston... but unfortunately we both drive (very small) cars... so, friends, if you just happen find something similar that is affordable (and that you are not planning to buy for yourself) please send me a line, pick up the phone, or please - stop by the office! 


sarah + dante

sarah ordered a custom guestbook from me earlier this summer and i was thrilled to hear from her and see some photos of her wedding! she was kind enough to answer a few questions for me and let me share them here on the blog. thanks so much sarah! i also wanted to give thanks to their photographers, Orman Photographers (contact info for them below!) for allowing me to show off these wonderful photos!

When and where did your wedding take place?

Our wedding took place on June 21, 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee. We were married in my parents’ backyard.

How did you find out about Paperlust?

I found Paperlust while searching for other wedding-related items on etsy.com.


What is your favorite thing about your book?

I love how personalized it is. The paper, the colors, and the fonts very much reflect the feel of our wedding.

Favorite comment left inside for you and your husband?

People left us many wonderful, special messages. The funniest was left by a group of my husband’s high school friends. Along with their congratulatory message, they took two pictures that are slightly different, titled them “Hocus Focus” and wrote “Find the 6 differences in these two pictures!” It certainly something that will make us laugh every time we look back at the book!

Easiest and hardest decisions during the wedding planning process?

The hardest part of wedding planning was coming up with the guest list. We wanted to keep it relatively small, for space and cost reasons as well as the feel of the event. However, we both have pretty large families so we still had about 130 people, and there were more people we would have liked to invite.

One of the easiest decisions was not to have bridesmaids or groomsmen. It simplified many aspects of the planning and helped us keep the casual feel we wanted for our wedding.

thanks again for sharing with us sarah! and if you'd like to talk to the folks at Orman Photographers, you can contact them via email at: ormanphoto@comcast.net or by phone: 615.373.5965


estate sale finds

i don't get to go to estate sales as often as i would like. but when i do, i'm always in search of a hidden treasure that someone has left behind. and i'm always in awe of the things people sell at estate sales. old photographs, the beloved old chiffon prom dress, diaries, family bibles and heirloom quilts... all for sale and waiting for a new home. i was giving the house one last sweep on saturday before i purchased my finds for the day: several yards of some textured green fabric, an ornate brass frame and a box of old blue glass christmas ornaments (the finish chipping off to reveal the shiny silver underneath!) when i stumbled across a weathered blue notebook on an end table. i opened it up, and to my surprise it was filled with handwritten recipes - all dated (anywhere from 1933 to 1970) and many had names from where the recipe came from. now, i'm not much of a cook, but i couldn't believe that someone was going to sell this. so i bought it (for a whopping $3) - in hopes that i will be inspired to learn more about cooking from scratch from the old, worn pages. so now it is part of my treasured collection of things i hope my family decides not to sell at my estate sale.