friday links and a gratuitous dog photo.

this is the view i see most days when i pull up in the driveway and d has beat me home. lillie peeking her little face out at me from between some fence posts (that need some help!) she can be such a brat sometimes, but that sweet little face always saves her.

this week has really been something else. i know i'm not the only one that hasn't had a great week, so i'm just chalking it up to stress and the full moon.

here are some links from my week...

elle apparel posted some beautiful home facade photos. i love to dream about building a home someday and the outside looking like a well-kept older home.

i love this diy ombre shirt from c&c. now to just dig through my closet for some shirts that need some love...

these fabric pom poms are beautiful!! must. make. some. immediately. on a subtle revelry.

have a great weekend!

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