the wedding cake.

hello friends! i admit, i didn't think i would be back so soon... last week, i really just didn't feel like myself, but thanks to some antibiotics and other drugs, i'm feeling much better now.

i finally got a chance to pull some images off my camera... and realized i still hadn't shared any of the photos from one of the weddings we attended a few weekends back. i didn't take my camera to the ceremony/reception, but i did help decorate the day before and the day of. one of my best friends made their wedding cake (her amazing strawberry cake, nonetheless) and i was up there to help with the finishing touches.

helping decorate a cake is no small task, and i absolutely love the way it turned out. of course, the bride was happy with it too, which is really what matters, right?

unfortunately, the cake attendees (that's a term, right?) were cutting super small pieces... and i didn't think it was appropriate to go back for a second piece...

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