friday link love.

man, am i glad it's friday. it seems like my whole little world is sick right now, and i'm just trying to stay in the game. i made progress on organizing last weekend, and hopefully i can continue the process in the next few days. in other news? i'm trying to stifle my lust for a new camera...

here are some links from the week:

i love starburst mirrors. the price... not so much. love this great diy from modhomeec.

this doily lamp makes me smile. via that's happy.

everything LEB shared this idea to dye fabric lamp shades. love it. considering i have no idea what to do with a lamp in our bedroom... this just may work.

these pompom shoe clips are a.dor.a.ble. thanks grosgrain for making me want to make dozens of these.

loving this diy picture ledge on chez larsson. i've considered building something similar, but don't know where i'd put it...

amazing stenciled floor over on ashleyann. d would never (ever) let me do something like this, but i think it's fantastic.

okay friends... stay well!


weekly photos challenge | tired

i realized yesterday that i missed the perfect photo opportunity. my daddy bill (aka grandad) has been in the hospital a few days; visiting he and my memom is almost torture. she is so tired. he is unforgiving and older than i remember. it's been especially hard watching the people you love grow older, knowing there is an expiration for everything. wishing i had brought my camera, but wondering if i would have the courage to snap those photos i would cherish. the photos that would not be about the people, but about the crow's feet and smile lines. the twinkle that is still there after so many years.

instead i dig, pulling fond memories from my closet. these shoes that are inanimate, but have grown their own personality over a number of years. i cannot stand to wear them, but can't bear the thought of throwing them away.

i recently stumbled upon this list of 53 weekly themes over at dps (a great place to learn more about photography, btw), and while i'm not going to do the whole 365 thing, i would like to get out and photograph something new every week. i think this is a great way to start thinking outside the box and develop my photographic style (and, you know, get better).

i'll post at least one photo a week for my challenge here on the blog. since i'm a little behind, i'm going to try and play catch-up since it's only a few extra themes. also, i'll probably have a little write-up for each photo. a little prose, if you will...


friday link love.

wow, another week come and gone. i realized that my lack of posting might not entirely be my fault. you see, by the time i get home after work, there is only so much sunshine left in the day. hence, it's the sun's fault i don't have more to show you right now. you believe that, right? i've got some thoughts for posts and diy projects... hopefully i can figure some of that out this weekend while it's bright outside.

make it and love it shares a great post on freezer paper. i plan to get some of this to run through my silhouette!

i've been making a few of these felted wool roses this week... they are kind of addicting. via pretty handy girl.

i've been hearing about the wonders that are kale chips. luckily, door sixteen posted about them and reminded me to give them a try! will have to remember this at the grocery store this weekend...

loving this loft featured on desiretoinspire.

this diy bow belt is another to go on my list of things to make. via say yes to hoboken.

have a wonderful weekend!


friday link love.

sorry, i've been a bad blogger (again) this week. i've always got ideas for posts, and then BAM! it's friday and i've done nothing.

since i'll be home this weekend, i'm hoping to clean out some closets and get things a little more organized. since i brought home a slew of new clothes from last weekend's shop til you drop event, i need to get rid of some things i don't (and probably shouldn't) wear anymore.

also, i tried out my silhouette this week. about time, huh? and it. is. awesome. i will definitely post some photos of things i've cut out... but expect to see projects, my friends. i've already agreed to help cut stuff out for a baby shower and a wedding for this year, so it will get put to good use.

anyway, on to the links...

as someone who is thinking of someday building a custom home, this article about kitchen renovations is a good read. centsational girl goes over several things i hadn't even thought of.

loving these mirrored closet doors over at the lettered cottage. they make everything look so much more modern.

this bathroom before and after over on the happy home is lovely. it's amazing how different the space looks.

how cute are these cardboard faux logs? d*s always has great diy projects.

i really love the test tube spice racks i've been seeing and was reminded of how easy one would be to diy when i saw the tutorial over on dream book design.

need a cool baby shower gift? i'll be making these diy baby wipes for the next one i attend! via what can brown blog for you?

this article on altering jewelry got me thinking about a few pieces i could easily combine. i have a few bulky pieces that could be broken down and added to other pieces... over on make it and love it.

also, a few (new to me) blogs that i love:

have a wonderful weekend!!


friday link love.

wow, the week really went by quickly! i'm off to amarillo this weekend to hang out with family, and hopefully add to my wardrobe (aka shop til you drop).

some links from my week:

i really loved this bleaching and overdying fabrics idea ashleyann shared today. i could really see something like this in the form of pillowcases for our bedroom...

great necklace tutorial that's been upcycled from an old tshirt. i've got plenty of those hanging around... via a pretty penny.

love love love these illustrations by ricardo cavolo. found on design work life.

everybody likes sandwiches shares her favorite recipes of 2010. many of them sound amazing... you should check it out.

this ikea hack is ingenious. now, if only i had an ikea nearby... found on little green notebook.

these rice krispie treat cupcakes sound both delicious and evil. i swear i will try them someday. on cupcake project.

i must make this nina ricci inspired flower sash someday. from ruby mines.

have a lovely weekend. i hope to get myself in gear and actually post some stuff this year!!