friday links.

it has been a long week, my friends. though it is ending much better than it started off. i am past ready for a short get-away from crazy clients and children screaming at the top of their lungs (you know, the daycare next door to my office). i am ready for temperatures below 99 and for more wet stuff to fall from the sky (note: photo above was taken a few days after the rain we got last week... more green stuff than i've seen in a while). and i am ready for my husband to actually be next to me when i fall asleep instead of at work.

in the mean time, here are some links.

cotton & curls shares a tutorial on making your own cute, lacy, show-able slip. i will not be afraid of skirts that don't fall below my knees any longer.

i LOVE this diy wrap-turned-scarf that involves no sewing. thanks behind the seams!

this mirror is beautiful. diy? of course. via marcus design.

need cheap/free artwork? how about orange shares some paint chip inspiration.

these korean pancakes sound yummy. now to only convince d. found on dals.

have a fun weekend!

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