friday links.

i know this is random... but
lots of things have been preoccupying my thoughts lately.

my career path. where do i want to be in the future? who do i want to be?

family. life is moving along quickly and i can't stop time.

the american dream. working our asses off to not owe anyone money. i'm thankful for my college education, but i'm starting to wonder if the price tag is really worth it.

you know, all the things everybody else thinks about all the time.

now that i've left you deep in thought, here are some links from my week:

cute post about pet photography over on fstop frenzy. really has me thinking about donating my services to a local shelter.

this embroidered portrait is a.ma.zing. via theredthread.

although this isn't exactly my style, i love some of the touches in this kitchen makeover on girls with good taste.

i need to make these bracelets featured on in honor of design.

also, this cake sounds delish. would somebody make it for my birthday? on sweetapolita.

have an amazing weekend!