friday links and books.

a few books i've done recently...

sorry for the absence... life has been... busy. and hard sometimes too. not that i'm the only one with difficulties, but it just seems extra trying right now i guess.

it's really making me question a few things... in a good way. it's making me think about where i am right now and where i want to be in the future.

anyway. hopefully i'll be able to post more soon. i've got lots of things i'd like to show you. just doesn't seem i have enough energy to put those together for you. so lets go for something easy...

here are some links:

words of wisdom has a great article on sugar addiction. i think i need to reread that one.

i have quinoa and have only cooked it once... but mint's got a recipe that looks like a great lunch option...

say yes to hoboken shows us how to add pockets to skirts.

uglygreenchair posted about washing her face with oil. i've been trying it out for about three weeks and it's definitely helped. hoping this will be a long term solution...

type on cake? i'm there. thanks twirling betty.

jessicakes answers some questions about cake decorating.

lots of others, but they are mainly recipes and photography-related stuff. don't want to bore you... hope every has a good weekend!

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