friday (flower).

where has the week gone? glad for an extra day off, that's all i have to say!

i thought since there is at least one flowering plant i can keep alive, i'd better get some macros of it while it's still pretty. the wind was not my friend that day, so i didn't get many that weren't somewhat blurry. oh well. how many macro flower pictures does one person need, anyway?

no links today, friends. too much going on! i'll try to post more next week though...


friday links and a gratuitous dog photo.

this is the view i see most days when i pull up in the driveway and d has beat me home. lillie peeking her little face out at me from between some fence posts (that need some help!) she can be such a brat sometimes, but that sweet little face always saves her.

this week has really been something else. i know i'm not the only one that hasn't had a great week, so i'm just chalking it up to stress and the full moon.

here are some links from my week...

elle apparel posted some beautiful home facade photos. i love to dream about building a home someday and the outside looking like a well-kept older home.

i love this diy ombre shirt from c&c. now to just dig through my closet for some shirts that need some love...

these fabric pom poms are beautiful!! must. make. some. immediately. on a subtle revelry.

have a great weekend!


May books.

i wanted to upload a few books that i just finished up monday. the first was this bright orange and pink number. i'd love to see how they decorated with those colors!

this red book was fun too. i made it so that the tag could be changed out. why? they wanted something specific that my printer can't do very well. this way, if they feel up to it, they can change it out at a later time to what they want exactly.


friday links.

friday again? i can't complain. ready to get out of the office and head out for the weekend!

since i didn't post any last week, here are some links from my week...

an area i need lots of help in: posing. great tips on posing seniors over on mcpactions.

i love this idea! make a rolling pin stamp with alisaburke.

nikon now has a 50mm f/1.8 lens that is compatible with my auto focus (aka: no manual focusing). yes, i am excited about this, but can't justify buying a new lens right now... visit the mansurovs for more info.

these little rolled paper flowers are. so. cute. i want to make a billion of them. tutorial on jones design company.

great article on using reflectors on improve photography. good thing, i just got in my first reflector this week!

have a great weekend!


blue & yellow.

it must be wedding season! i have been very busy with books these past few months. i really love this square one... and the colors are so fresh and bright.

yellow and gray is another favorite color combination of mine. i don't know many brides would would choose to use yellow on her wedding day, but i think it makes a lovely book.

wishing you a happy wednesday! i can't believe the week is already halfway gone...


more about the horses.

life has been so busy lately and i keep forgetting to post these little moments on the blog. as i mentioned on my last post... a few weeks back, d and i went out to a friend's house. he has some land with a big barn and some horse stalls. and some lovely horses that occupy them.

i am so not used to taking photos of moving subjects! sure, i've taken baby photos... but they don't move much compared to horses. and they don't want to come sniff your camera. and they don't run away if you don't have any food to hand out either.

but i hope to get to take more pictures of them soon. this was good practice!


horses and links.

i really meant to post this last friday as usual, but just never got around to it! i had a great opportunity a few fridays ago to photograph some horses outside of town. it was great to practice on not-so-still subjects. once i'm done editing, i'll definitely post a follow-up with more images.

here are a few links from last week:

a sunburst pillow would look great just about anywhere. another addition to my list of sewing projects! on noodlehead.

this chicken recipe on always order dessert sounds delish.