chloe's {almost} 2 year photos.

you know, life got so busy there for a while that i completely forgot to post more photos from chloe's photoshoot (way back in june... wow). anyway, this cutie is going to turn 2 later this month and i thought i should share a few of my favorites!

she is so sweet, but not necessarily up for have her photo taken... she ran from me for most of the morning. i went home wondering if i had gotten any decent shots, and when i finally started editing i knew i had a few keepers.

one tip for anyone wanting to photograph a toddler/very young child... give them something to hold. that will distract them and keep them still long enough to get a few snaps in. obviously, lollipops and flowers were our props of choice.

thanks again to raechel for letting me photograph her sweet little girl again. i hope this becomes a yearly event!!

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