the spider's web.

this is in our front yard, by our driveway. more specifically - the side of the driveway i park on. did i mention my hate for spiders? but... this was so beautiful tuesday night that i just had to take a few photos before something happened to it.

or before the spider came back... which it did. i saw it wednesday morning and nearly grabbed my camera, but really just couldn't bring myself to do it. perhaps if i had a telephoto lens it would've been okay.

i didn't take a ton of photos... and the ones from other angles just weren't as neat looking. i love these because you can see how intricate and delicate the web is.

doing this really made me realize that i don't utilize my camera as much as i should. i don't really take it with me unless i know i'll be needed/expected to take photos... and sometimes i think people just think i'm that crazy person with the camera. i really need to get out there every week and do a 'photography assignment'...


clock: before & after

this was one of those projects that you think "oh, i'll have this done in no time!" and then it never happens. i purchased this cute little clock at a garage sale across the street from us (last year, i think). i loved the shape, but wasn't a big fan of the blue decals stuck to the front, sides and back. it sat in our kitchen... then got moved to my office... put in a box... you get the idea. finally, i decided it would be cute covered in paper and used as a colorful accent in our bedroom.

how cute is it now?

basically, i sanded those decals until they were smooth, traced the outline onto some pretty paper, and used acrylic gloss medium to adhere it and then finish it off. going around the edges was tricker, since it's thinner at the top than the bottom, but i was able to cut the excess from the edges pretty easily.

why did i use acrylic gloss medium instead of modpodge? well, i think it's easier to work with and creates a smoother surface. i've never been able to modpodge anything and get a flat surface. not that my clock isn't without it's flaws... but it looks pretty good. and, if i ever get tired of this look, i can just glue some more paper to the front and have a new clock!

unfortunately, i wasn't able to pry off the hands to get to the face. i had grand plans of making a very modern clock face to replace this one, but it didn't work out. i'm glad i picked out paper that matches it pretty well, since i couldn't do anything about it.

so... if you find something pretty cheap at a garage sale, thrift store, etc, don't be afraid to do something crazy to it. i didn't spend much on this clock (maybe $.50 to purchase?) and had all the other supplies already. a few hours of sanding, cutting, and glueing... now i have a cute clock for next to nothing.



sorry i didn't post any links on friday... it was my birthday and i took the day off! yep, i'm officially 25 now... that sounds weird to say. i went thrifting and shopping (no, i don't consider those the same thing), dealt with the plumber, ate lunch with d at one of my favorite places... it was a wonderful day!

so... here are some links for your monday:

i found a sweet website for anyone planning a baby shower. bump smitten is a wonderful place for inspiration on more modern baby showers. this is great, because i've helped with a few this year, and it's hard finding ideas for the non-traditional mom-to-be.

this diy pleated dress is so smart. i've seen so many of these skirts for cheap at the thrift store, now i have a reason to buy some! this would be super cute with boots or some flats and tights. from the new-to-me blog welcome to the gOOd life.

i love a good fabric flower tutorial, and this one from the house of smith's looks pretty easy, and makes really fun flowers. now i know what i'll be doing with all the tshirts i was about to throw out!

these yogurt and honey cupcakes sound divine. especially since i love me some greek yogurt. thanks cupcake project!

i really want one of the wally felt planters... just don't want to spend that kind of cash on it. that's okay, martha (not that martha) shows us how to make our own on the cheap. via apartment therapy.

these before and afters on d*s are really fun. especially the chandelier.

love painted wood floors? frugal farmhouse design has a great tutorial on diy-ing it cheaply with plywood.

loving this lamp lift on poppytalk.

this quick photography tip on no biggie has me wanting an external flash for my camera. thanks to my birthday cash, i might just get me one!

hope you all have a lovely week. i have a few other things i hope to post this week!


friday link love.

back at friday. how is it that each day seems to drag on, yet the week passes so quickly? i have no idea. what are your plans for the weekend? i'm hoping to tackle my office and maybe get some more work done in our bedroom. i finally got the door painted last weekend - now i need to paint the closet doors... fun.

and guess what? next week i'll be a quarter of a century old.

anyway, here are some links from this week:

here's a great post on how to create an antique mirror effect on a new mirror. i'll probably never age any of the mirrors in our house, but i thought it would be a nice thing to save just in case. via apartment therapy.

loving both of these before & afters on d*s this week. especially the transformation of the light fixtures.

this chevron pillow tutorial from made is awesome! i doubt if i could get everything to line up so perfectly though!

nikon announced the d7000 dslr this week. although i doubt i'll be upgrading my camera anytime soon, i definitely perked up when i read about it on the mansurovs. my beef with my entry level? the auto focus isn't compatible with most of the lenses i want and there are only 3 focus points. but, i read a quote earlier this week that i keep repeating every time i feel frustrated by this: the best equipment is what you have available.

loving this letter light project posted on d*s. it's from curlby's new diy hardware book, and seems pretty simple to make. i would love to make one of these for our bedroom. the extra pop of color would be great.

this diy faux birch log side table is another genius idea. i've wanted to bring in some logs to use as side tables, but afraid of what it would do to d's allergies. via apartment therapy.

a few great photography tips from kim pace. i really love reading how others setup their manual settings... mine are usually pretty similar, but it helps to know why others set theirs up the way they do.

this letter of agreement between husband and wife regarding fixing lunch is quite hilarious. via dinner: a love story.

this petal shirt tutorial on sewing in no mans land looks easy enough. maybe i'll dig through the pile of clothes i have ready for goodwill and pull out some tshirts that need a new life. the only downside? i have to remember not to throw it in the dryer.



pretty much everything in this photo was either thrifted, given to me, or purchased on sale/clearance/very cheaply. sometimes i like to recall things like this when i look in the mirror after getting dressed... but now i'm doing it with my home decor?

case in point:
the green chairs were purchased from a lady who was selling her mother's house, and had the most amazing furniture. it looked like nobody had ever even sat in them. i think i paid $50 for both? oh, and i was in high school.

the end tables were given to me by a friend moving out of town. we may or may not have to give the set back... i'm hoping for not. i've really gotten attached to these.

thrifted: white vase, gold tray and the wooden box

free: frame around nephew's photo (spray painted black), the green vase was a gift, the b/w screenprint was from college, and the large canvas with our wedding party - a gift from our photographer.

everything else was purchased rather cheaply: pillows on clearance from hobby lobby, likewise with the frame around the screenprint, and the ipod dock/speakers was a going out of business purchase from linens 'n' things.

why am i telling you this? i have absolutely no idea. i thought it would be fun to go through this little vignette and remember where i got everything. and it just goes to show, you don't have to spend much at all when decorating your home.

and speaking of the little gold tray... it's my newest acquisition from the acb. it's a bit smaller than the trays i normally find, and i really love the patina.

i just love trays. you can plop one down on any surface... and it makes whatever you put in it seem organized. i tried not to put much in this one. the stamped surface was what made me pick it up in the first place.

i really love thrifting... and while i never spend much money, it's the stuff that gets piled up and clutters my home. while i do treasure a few pieces, i've been able to get rid (aka donate/sell) of pieces i don't feel go with our style anymore.


il-lu-mi-nate workshop.

i was catching up on my blog reading and saw this post on the il-lu-mi-nate workshop. i've really been wanting to take a class to improve my photo-taking skills, but really can't justify spending the $500 when this is really just a hobby of mine! well, they are giving away a spot in the class... and although i've never won an online giveaway (not for lack of trying, either), maybe this will be my lucky day.

So... here we go!

I want to go to the Il-lu-mi-nate Workshop! http://www.amyrosekingphotography.com/?page_id=2420


friday link love.

friday already? i guess i can't be too upset about a short work week. i'm hoping to get some more organizing done this weekend... and maybe come up with some plans to combine mine and d's office. i would really love for our house to have more usable space, and right now my office wouldn't function as a guest room at all. i really just need to decide what hobbies i really want to pursue and which ones i've given up on... i've got so much crafting stuff, it's ridiculous!

anyway, here are some links from this week:

these images from anna maria horner make me want to learn how to quilt. all those bright patterns...

cute desk makeover at all things thrifty. it's hard to believe that's paintable wallpaper she used.

i need all the help i can get when organizing, especially mail, paperwork, etc! these tips from centsational girl via my uncommon slice of suburbia are definitely something i will be thinking about this weekend.

this cigar box turned tape dispenser is really smart. i don't have that big of a collection of tape... but it would be great for scrapbookers. via just something i made.



had a great time this weekend! got to go to some places in amarillo i've never been before. we visited nest (route 66), which was cool, but a little over my price range. then i found this sweet little silver sugar bowl in an over-crowded antique store. the lid is a little tough to get off, so whether or not it gets used has yet to be determined. but i just love the little feet.

we also went to a few thrift stores, one of which was more like a junk yard. rows and rows of crap piled on top of each other. i did find a few things i liked, but nothing was priced! we also hit up the new goodwill, which was gigantic. i found this cute set of what i thought was vintage dinnerware... googling it when i got home on monday showed it was produced between 2002-2006. oh well, it's still pretty - even if i only have 4 bowls, but 8 plates.

i actually didn't get this piece this weekend. it came from an estate sale a few months back. and i actually purchased a whole box full of mismatched silver for a few bucks, this was just the one i loved the most. the lady tried to tell me i can get some chemical stuff to clean the silverware... i tried to tell her i liked it the way it was.

and these are not thrifty, but free! my mom gave me these forgotten frames that have been occupying a closet for the past 15 years or so... they've already gotten a fresh coat of matte black paint and one is already hanging up with a photo of my nephew!


which bag?

since purchasing my new lenses, i've really felt the need to upgrade my camera bag. it's great for carrying my d60 with a lens attached... but any more than that and it gets a little crowded. i figured since i would probably be spending some cash on a new bag, i might as well get one i like. it would be nice to carry around a bag that doesn't scream 'camera' and goes with my wardrobe.

i came back from my search rather disappointed. there are a few great styles out there, but most are a little more than what i wanted to spend. for someone that's an amateur/enthusiast, i don't want to spend hundreds on a camera bag. my first love? the lola bag from epiphanie. (top photo) while i do have the go ahead from my significant other to order her... i am starting to feel guilty about such a big purchase when i'm certainly no pro. so i kept looking...

this scarlet tote from jo totes is my second favorite. and, it's about half the price! i love that it still looks like a purse, and is not overly trendy looking - a classic style that can be used for years. i'm really leaning towards this one... it will get the job done and won't cost nearly as much.

i also found this cute option from jill-e. their canvas/vinyl bags are still a bit more than i want to spend, but this one is the least costly that i've found. however, it still seems a little juvenile to me, and i'm wanting a more grown-up look.

any thoughts on camera bags for women? there is a huge market for this that someone needs to fill. a few companies are stepping up to the plate (mainly women photographers in need of something stylish to carry their equipment) and i'm sure there are plenty of chicks like me who don't have a ton of cash to spend making their hobby look good.


friday link love.

i know, i haven't been very good about posting lately... what's new?

as much as i love my job, i can't contain my excitement of a 3 day weekend. sure, i have vacation/sick time off i can use, but i prefer to keep those open in case i get sick or of an emergency.

i will be heading up to amarillo tomorrow to spend time with my folks. and hopefully pinch these little cheeks! hoping we can get some thrifting in, as well as check out a shop i discovered recently thanks to knack! maybe i will have some energy left on monday to actually get something done around the house...

i have so many projects i want to work on, but i really need to finish the ones i've started first. on my brain lately: finish painting the doors in the bedroom (yeah, still not done! but i bought a small foam roller, so maybe that will motivate me), hang up our floating shelves, and replace the curtains. and do something about a headboard...

here are some links from my week:

this peach shortbread recipe sounds amazing. doubt i will ever make them since i would be the only one at the house eating them! thanks smitten kitchen!

black eiffel links to her favorite whole wheat pancake recipe. i will have to try these out sometime. i make bisquick ones last weekend and realized i didn't really care for them much anymore.

how cute it this petticoat? sewing in no mans land has some awesome sewing tutorials. maybe someday...

i am loving this rustic diy headboard on kara paslay designs... just not sure it would work in our not-so-rustic bedroom.

this maternity book is adorable! see what happens when photographers are pregnant? found through blush!nk.

little birdie secrets posted another diy version of fabric rosettes. this would be a good way to go if you are not friends with the hot glue gun.

i love these little doggie clothes! makes them really look like little people... thanks going home to roost for making me want to dress up my fur kids.