a wedding silhouette.

i wanted to share a little gift i made for a sweet girl this past weekend. she is getting married at the end of july, and i've been working on all things wedding for her since the engagement! did i mention she's the boss' daughter? the small studio where i've worked since i graduated has become like a second family to me. we share triumphs and tragedies. we work well together and make each other stronger.

i drew their silhouettes from a few of the engagement pictures taken by betsy lackey (amazing photographer, btw!) i incorporated them into the invitations, but knew i could do something special for them since i had all the right files.

julie loves all things vintage, and we incorporated some wonderful floral patterns into her printed pieces. i 'borrowed' some of the paper we'd been using for the background and cut their silhouettes out of a dark brown cardstock. the banner is another little piece that i've used throughout, and knew it would be the perfect 3-dimensional layer to add.

i popped everything into a cute thrifted frame (the double-mat was already in place, and the perfect colors!) needless to say, it got lots of attention at the shower and a heartfelt thanks from the bride and her family. it just goes to show that you can spend very little and make a big impression with just a few bucks and some time. i hope it will become a treasured part of their new life together, and i'm just happy to be a part of the celebration!

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