friday links.

friday again? i can't complain. ready to get out of the office and head out for the weekend!

since i didn't post any last week, here are some links from my week...

an area i need lots of help in: posing. great tips on posing seniors over on mcpactions.

i love this idea! make a rolling pin stamp with alisaburke.

nikon now has a 50mm f/1.8 lens that is compatible with my auto focus (aka: no manual focusing). yes, i am excited about this, but can't justify buying a new lens right now... visit the mansurovs for more info.

these little rolled paper flowers are. so. cute. i want to make a billion of them. tutorial on jones design company.

great article on using reflectors on improve photography. good thing, i just got in my first reflector this week!

have a great weekend!

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