amelia... it's been a while.

i know, i know... it's really been forever since i blogged. i keep thinking i will get on here and update things... and i never do. and really, what do i post? photos/photography/etc. so, i have a more dedicated photography blog setup that i should try not to neglect. it's here in case you want to bookmark it.

so where have i been exactly? sitting on my couch after work with my computer reading photography blogs, books, and forums until my eyeballs fall out. unless i have a session, and then i can be found in that same position, only editing photos and asking for critique from my husband. who i've found, doesn't really like critiquing my work. this little hobby of mine has sort of taken over... but i like it. and i am learning new stuff every day.

that being said, i wanted to post an image from a session for a friend a few weeks back. this is little amelia, all of 12 days old when this was taken. she slept like a champ after we got her to sit still for a few minutes. unfortunately, day light was not on our side and i didn't get too many more images after this.

hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving!

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