the red album.

this is not the typical book i normally make, but i enjoyed it just the same. in fact, maybe more so. my co-worker has a little boy who is about to turn 1. what better way to celebrate life than to keep all your memories safe in a pretty package?

in the end, we moved the tag to the inside so it would be more protected. i was very pleased with the end product... though not perfect it was still fun to make and will be a treasured gift for years to come.

i've got more images to post, just not enough time to edit, it seems!


another book for (another!) april wedding. this year is moving quickly, my friends! i can't believe how fast time seems to slip by. hopefully i will be sharing some more photos soon. new opportunities are coming up every week, and i am extremely grateful for these chances to get some more practice in.

here are some links from my week:

LOVE this tutorial from gorgeous shiny things. inkjet printer + epoxy = magic.

these almond farmer cookies sound pretty amazing. from always order dessert.

great paper flower diy on a little hut. these would be perfect gift-toppers!

i never would have thought to do this, but it's a great way to add some character to cheap jewelry. on dream & dress.

as someone who has dealt with hypoglycemia since childhood, this article "is sugar toxic" is really interesting. it has certainly made me cut back on all the processed stuff i eat. from word of wisdom.

have an awesome easter weekend!


little blue wagon...

as i have learned more about photography, the world has changed around me. overcast days are light-filled and make me want to experiment. old, forgotten objects bring on new life in the form of props and frames. shadows are not just shadows... but dramatic and meaningful.

this weekend afforded me the opportunity to snag this old, rusty wagon for my growing collection of 'props.' i hope it will make an appearance in some photos soon...

until then, i will admire it's sloppy paint job, worn patina and splotches of rust. just not so sure my husband will :)


baby ava and friday links.

wow, three posts in one week! as much as i would like to post daily... life just comes first, you know? here's a pic of little ava, who i took pictures of earlier this week. i'm still editing her photos, but this was a favorite i just had to share. i am looking forward to this weekend... can't believe it's already friday once again.

some links from the week...

i adore these tiny diy polaroid magnets on ambrosia girl. all these baby pics i've been taking... wouldn't they be fun in tiny magnet format?

this inside-out cake is gorgeous! not only is it beautiful, but it seems like it would take less time that fully icing the cake. on sweetapolita.

hello, plastidip silverware! i've got some estate sale serving stuff that would look awesome with a coating like this... on the way we are.

diy straw and shoestring necklace on i spy diy. i could see this made with some brass tubing and a leather cord for a more upscale look...


more april books!

apparently april is a busy month for brides. here are a few books that just went out!


those baby blues.

i may be biased, but i think my nephew has the prettiest blue eyes i've ever seen.


friday links.

i've had lots of things on my mind this week... new opportunities (and the fears that come with those opportunities). life seems to be moving along more quickly than i remember and sometimes it's frightening. but most of the time it's fun.

diy concrete wall on kara paslay designs. could i get away with this in our downstairs bathroom?

tshirt restyle on allyson hill. i have TONS of shirts that are too short for me... maybe i should try this out?

have a great weekend!!


blue + gray.

i thought i would post a few books that went off in the mail yesterday. i was asked if i could create a 7"x7" book that would still hold photobooth photos. of course! and guess what? i love this size, shape, everything (dare i say a new favorite?). and this blue and orange is such a fun combination that you just don't see every day.

another cute book! the couple is hanging tons of colorful umbrellas for decoration, and i think this sweet design will really tie into their big day.

hope everyone is having a wonderful week! i've got a few more april books, so i'll be sure to post those as well.


friday link love.

i am having a hard time believing 1) that it's already friday and 2) that it's already april. it must be a result of aging. time goes exponentially faster the older you get!

this week has been a good one - between great projects at work and editing photos when i get home. i am really going to try and focus more of my time on photography. i love taking and editing pictures, and the time spent working on ella's session really reinforced that.

anyway, enough about me! here are some links...

i really adore this 'love' photo print frame from design aglow. i'm thinking i need to put something together like this from some of our wedding pics...

diy camera bag on vanilla and lace. love this! i've been wanting something a little smaller for when i don't want to tote everything with me...

a new diy flower pin that is beautiful! if i have some free time this weekend, i'd love to make a few of these. on say yes to hoboken.

love this idea of printing on glass jars. this would be perfect for gifts! featured on mint.

these magnets are awesome. now, to just get ahold of some pantone chips... on how about orange.

this roundup of easy projects with wood pallets is pretty amazing. i never would have thought to use a pallet as a vertical planter! over on you paid more than me.