desirable traits in a photographer's friend:
accepts having a camera pointed at their face. a lot.
is okay with changing clothes in public.
willing to stand in tall weeds while wearing too-big vintage boots.

will trapse all over a park just to find the right light with you.
in 100 degree weather.
after work.

helps you carry chairs and miscellaneous props.
and 10 lb. blankets.

looks fabulous in just about anything.
even ugly hats you found at your grandparent's house.

richelle, you are a worthy friend. thanks for letting me point a camera at your face for a few hours last week! hope you enjoy your photos!


friday links.

it has been a long week, my friends. though it is ending much better than it started off. i am past ready for a short get-away from crazy clients and children screaming at the top of their lungs (you know, the daycare next door to my office). i am ready for temperatures below 99 and for more wet stuff to fall from the sky (note: photo above was taken a few days after the rain we got last week... more green stuff than i've seen in a while). and i am ready for my husband to actually be next to me when i fall asleep instead of at work.

in the mean time, here are some links.

cotton & curls shares a tutorial on making your own cute, lacy, show-able slip. i will not be afraid of skirts that don't fall below my knees any longer.

i LOVE this diy wrap-turned-scarf that involves no sewing. thanks behind the seams!

this mirror is beautiful. diy? of course. via marcus design.

need cheap/free artwork? how about orange shares some paint chip inspiration.

these korean pancakes sound yummy. now to only convince d. found on dals.

have a fun weekend!


chloe's {almost} 2 year photos.

you know, life got so busy there for a while that i completely forgot to post more photos from chloe's photoshoot (way back in june... wow). anyway, this cutie is going to turn 2 later this month and i thought i should share a few of my favorites!

she is so sweet, but not necessarily up for have her photo taken... she ran from me for most of the morning. i went home wondering if i had gotten any decent shots, and when i finally started editing i knew i had a few keepers.

one tip for anyone wanting to photograph a toddler/very young child... give them something to hold. that will distract them and keep them still long enough to get a few snaps in. obviously, lollipops and flowers were our props of choice.

thanks again to raechel for letting me photograph her sweet little girl again. i hope this becomes a yearly event!!


the wedding cake.

hello friends! i admit, i didn't think i would be back so soon... last week, i really just didn't feel like myself, but thanks to some antibiotics and other drugs, i'm feeling much better now.

i finally got a chance to pull some images off my camera... and realized i still hadn't shared any of the photos from one of the weddings we attended a few weekends back. i didn't take my camera to the ceremony/reception, but i did help decorate the day before and the day of. one of my best friends made their wedding cake (her amazing strawberry cake, nonetheless) and i was up there to help with the finishing touches.

helping decorate a cake is no small task, and i absolutely love the way it turned out. of course, the bride was happy with it too, which is really what matters, right?

unfortunately, the cake attendees (that's a term, right?) were cutting super small pieces... and i didn't think it was appropriate to go back for a second piece...


friday links and books.

a few books i've done recently...

sorry for the absence... life has been... busy. and hard sometimes too. not that i'm the only one with difficulties, but it just seems extra trying right now i guess.

it's really making me question a few things... in a good way. it's making me think about where i am right now and where i want to be in the future.

anyway. hopefully i'll be able to post more soon. i've got lots of things i'd like to show you. just doesn't seem i have enough energy to put those together for you. so lets go for something easy...

here are some links:

words of wisdom has a great article on sugar addiction. i think i need to reread that one.

i have quinoa and have only cooked it once... but mint's got a recipe that looks like a great lunch option...

say yes to hoboken shows us how to add pockets to skirts.

uglygreenchair posted about washing her face with oil. i've been trying it out for about three weeks and it's definitely helped. hoping this will be a long term solution...

type on cake? i'm there. thanks twirling betty.

jessicakes answers some questions about cake decorating.

lots of others, but they are mainly recipes and photography-related stuff. don't want to bore you... hope every has a good weekend!