i feel like i actually accomplished a few things this weekend! we put a heavier comforter on our bed this weekend. i've had this green one on our guest bed forever, but thought it would be perfect in our new gray room. and one of my finds this weekend? that retro pillowcase. i bought it thinking i would just use it for the fabric, but i stuck it on a pillow and i think it's going to stay there for a while...

and what else did i find? a headboard! the acb was having a 1/2 off sale on saturday and i was lucky enough to find 3 queen size headboards to choose from (this never happens!) it was marked $10.91 down from $19.91... so, yep, i got it for $5 with the sale. it's missing something on the posts... looks like there was brass that broke off... but i'll figure something out. my thought right now is to paint it matte black (should i leave the swirly thing gold?) and i've also considered painting some sort of type or graphic over the black... and yes, our garage looks awful, please don't judge.

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