aaahhh, so excited! new photography stuff! i've really been wanting an external flash to use on my camera for a while and couldn't decide between this SB400 or a lightscoop... and i really felt like the flash would do more for me long-term. it's gotten great reviews, and i can't wait to try it out. it showed up yesterday, and i still need to get some batteries for it... technically it's my christmas gift, but d is generous enough to let me play with it now.

for those wondering why i would buy another flash when i have one built-in... well, this one tilts and is a lot more powerful. basically, i can bounce the light off of the ceiling or a wall to create more light without giving my subjects a pale, deer/headlights look. and, i pretty much never use the built-in flash unless i have to because of the reasons above. that doesn't mean i like jacking up my iso and praying nobody moves. this will help me get better photo indoors with low-light situations...

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Anonymous said...

You are gonna love it. I also bought an external flash for my Canon and it sure does make life easier! Have fun with it!