friday link love.

we are getting new carpet in our offices at work today, woohoo! i've only worked here (nearly) 3 years, and the carpet and walls have always made me cringe. well, they let us paint, and i am super excited to get the new carpet in. it's going to be like we moved into a completely different office space.

can you believe thanksgiving is next week? it's too soon. where did the year go? and do i have to get the tree out? i've highly considered cutting a tree shape out of pretty paper and taping it to the wall. no, seriously.

i've got to work on our headboard this weekend. with the sun setting about the time i get home, i have no daylight hours during the week to sand and paint. bummer.

this puffy bloom tutorial on no big dill is another take on fabric flowers. so different and so cute for little girls. maybe i can get myself in gear to make a few.

great article on the mansurovs discussing equivalent focal length and field of view. they also did a comparison between the 35mm f/1.8G(which i have) and the 50mm f/1.4G. definitely helped me feel better about my lens purchase.

both of these before and afters on d*s this week were amazing. putting a dresser up on legs and that adorable type tray makeover? love.

this crayon apron would be a cute gift for little ones this year. tutorial on prudent baby.

lovely leather cuff tutorial on made by me. shared with you. reminds me of a sexy red bracelet miranda on satc wore...

paper twine flower tutorial on no big dill. these would be pretty bunched together on top of a gift or tied around a bag...

i love the quote from bazaar of serendipity this week: "my little dog, a heartbeat at my feet." (wharton) such a simple line of text to describe something so meaningful in my life.

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