headboard is finished!

after waiting what seemed like forever to find a great (+cheap) headboard, i didn't wait long to fix it up to my liking. d and i both wanted to keep the gold flourish at the top, but i wasn't sure how to tape it off since i had decided to spray paint the headboard.

so, with my vast knowledge (haha) of paint, i figured i could use some type of oil to act as a mask/barrier. i figured it couldn't hurt, and if we didn't like the results, i would just paint over the swirl at the top. so i brushed some vegetable oil onto the gold swirly and started spraying.

after several light coats and some drying time, i wiped the paint off of the filigree. it didn't block the paint completely, but we both LOVE how it turned out. one word of caution though: if you do attempt to block the paint this way, make sure you do a good job of rubbing all the extra paint/oil off. i got most of it, but a few light smudges on our pillowcases prove i wasn't thorough enough. i'll probably put a clear coat over the top when it's dried out a little more.

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kd-m said...

love it! awesome job!