my diy camera bag.

when i went to amarillo recently, i searched for a bag that would hold my tenba insert. i actually had a few at home that worked, but they looked more like computer bags than purses, which is not what i wanted. also, since i'm a cheapskate, i didn't want to spend much. like... less than $30.

luckily, at our last stop (kohl's), i found this cute, shiny red bag that looked to be big enough (i carried a small tape measure just to be sure). it zips down the middle, stands up on it's own and has an opening on either side (so it's more like 3 sections instead of 1) with zipped and open pockets inside those. i think it's supposed to work like a computer bag, but it looks nice and feels sturdy. and more importantly... it keeps my camera gear out of sight. oh, and it was $20. so, total i spend $40 on my camera bag instead of $90+.

so... how much stuff does it hold? i used it this weekend, and i carried with me:
nikon d60 + kit lens attached
telephoto zoom (70-300mm)
prime lens (33mm)
fisheye lens
sb400 speedlight and diffuser
a few memory cards

+ inside the bag
car keys
cell phone

and, i still had some extra space. i'm telling you, this thing is pretty big. but, if you're only taking the camera and one extra lens, there's plenty of space for a bottle of water or something. and the great thing? i can just take out the insert when i'm ready for a new bag or i've worn this one out.

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