friday link love.

it's getting cold, my friends. and last night i woke up thinking our house was going to blow down... oh well, i guess the semi-warm weather couldn't last forever!

i've got some fun stuff going on for this weekend. i'll be taking photos for a little boy's birthday party (dragon themed) and hopefully getting some crafty stuff done as well.

oh, and i did try out my new flash a few times this week, and all i can say is wow! it helped me take the most color accurate photos of our bedroom ever. i have a feeling this will always be with me in my camera bag.

here are some links from my week:

my friend katie has a new website, blog and etsy shop! congrats katie, everything looks amazing (as usual...)

pretty rose wreath from the pretty poppy. i need to decide what kind of wreath i want this year and make it! this is beautiful though, and would be great for all year.

this diy painting on ceramic is beautiful and would make a great personalized gift. i've actually seen a few other variations of it, but ashley ann's turned out just perfect!

this casserole dish carrier tutorial is really smart. would definitely come in handy the few times a year i do take food somewhere outside my home! from little birdie secrets.

i've been looking for an inexpensive way to build an outdoor table rather than buying a cheap, ugly one or spending tons of cash on something prettier... this pallet table from sewing in no mans land could be finished so many ways and done very inexpensively (aka free) depending on what you already have on hand.

another pretty felt flower tutorial, this one from lorajean's magazine. i would skip the glitter and make a bunch in pretty colors!

these apple rolls sound really good! i don't think d would eat them though, do i'll have to save that for a get-together... from little birdie secrets.

brown paper bag popcorn from our best bites. cheaper and way more healthy than the store-bought stuff. and yes, you microwave it!

anthro knock off belt tutorial on a lemon squeezy home. there are so many cute belt tutorials lately, but this one looks easy - basically an upgrade on an existing skinny belt.

grosgrain has been posting cute cardigan tutorials all month, but i think this one is my favorite. i've got a stack of sweaters that were headed for the thrift store, but i think i'll try to make them into cardigans instead.

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kd-m said...

Thanks Amanda! you're the best + your friday links are always a load of inspiration!

kd-m said...

Thanks Amanda! you're the best + your friday links always lead me to some fantastic craftiness I would never have found! xo

paperlust said...

thanks! it's a good place for me to remember all the cool things i've found over the week. and i love your new look (website & blog!) that's so exciting to get that up and going!