diet coke.

last week i realized how much i have let certain things control my life. the most prominent (to me, anyway) being diet coke. i've been drinking these since before i can remember. i was diagnosed with hypoglycemia as a young child, and since sugar was now out of the picture, i have let diet coke become a staple in my everyday diet. many of you probably remember me from school as always toting around my gigantic bookbag in one hand and my diet coke in the other. well, i've known for a long time how bad these really are for you. artificial sweeteners can really cause some damage as far as messing up your cravings and sending the wrong hunger signals to your brain. i have been consciously ignoring these facts and thinking that one a day can't hurt me. well, i don't think i want to take that chance anymore. 

i'm hoping that 2009 really is a year for change. economically. socially. i know this year will have a lot of changes for me too. doug will be graduating and starting his career. the possibility of moving is always looming ahead (though i really want to stay in lubbock at the moment). i am continuing to grow as a designer and hopefully in the near future... photographer. and i think it's time to take charge of my health instead of just saying, oh, i'll worry about that when i'm older. well, i'll tell you something. i'm not getting any younger!

i just wanted to share with you all that i've been doing so well. chugging water constantly. my last diet coke was on 1.07.09... until today. i just couldn't stand it any longer. my caffeine withdrawals were starting to finally kick in and i had to have one at lunch. but - i understand that i'm not perfect, and that sometimes i'll slip up. i just wanted to share my progress with my friends and let you know it's okay to scold me if you see me around town with my infamous silver can.

on a lighter note... how cute is that little piggy magnet by FunkyRecyling? i'm thinking my fridge needs one as a daily reminder of what i could end up looking like if i don't get this under control...

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kd-m said...

woohoo! baby steps! (and you don't have to be perfect!)