my new favorite thing.

well, friends, it has officially been over a week since my last diet coke! and guess what? i feel great! i've been sleeping better, haven't been craving sweets or random foods and just feel better in general. before that, i was down to drinking 1-2 a week... but even then i could tell a major difference in the way that i felt after drinking one. water is now my main drink of choice.

my new favorite thing? tazo's herbal passion tea (thanks brandi!) i have some of their green and black teas also, but i feel that if i'm going to drink something hot, it should have some flavor to it. it also helps keep me warm in our chilly office... this particular one is pretty potent, so i like to stretch the bag out to at least 2 cups. their website (above) is really different and makes me curious to try some of their other flavorful teas. i also really love their packaging :) 

one of my good friends says it takes 21 days to start new habits... i am excited to start this new habit and to form a few more good ones. yesterday, i signed up for a gym membership (with the same good friend) and we're going to start taking classes (probably pilates, spinning and zumba) and working out to get back in shape. healthier eating is another habit i want to form. doug and i just eat out too much, and we're trying to be better about that and also what we put into our bodies. 

we don't think about it much as kids and teenagers - the things that are put into the foods that we eat - but now that i am older and think more about the future, it really scares me with some of the things that are out there. this summer i am hoping to start my own garden so that we will have some fresh, clean veggies to munch on. i am also making an effort to eat more chicken and fish. i don't know that i could go the vegetarian route, but i can certainly stop eating so much red meat.

sorry about such a random post... just things i've really been thinking about lately and hope some of you are as well!


kd-m said...

ooh! try tazo's Zen tea...so good hot or cold! I also recommend yogi tea -- I think the packaging is different, but just as good as tazo's. (and i love the little mantras that they print on the tags!)

paperlust said...

awesome! i will definitely check those out! thanks for the recommendations :)