little dishes.

lace dish by dgordon

christmas is over with. we got valentine's day out of the way. now what? i need to start thinking about a few upcoming birthdays... and thought these cute little ceramic pieces i found on etsy might just be perfect for a few people on my list...

i've always loved little dishes. they come in handy for everything. a little catch-all in the entryway, jewelry dish in the bathroom, or a perfect way to serve olives or dip when there's not much space left on the table. i guess i think that everyone should have a bunch of little dishes stashed away like i do :) i know not everyone shares my fascination with handmade objects, especially ceramics... but, what do you think about these? having a very hard time picking out my favorite...

cherish dish by palomasnest

bee dish by mymothersgarden

sweet leaf dish by sumiko

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