i've never really cared that much for wallpaper until recently. we have some dated vinyl (white so it blends in) in our front entry and guest bathroom (we've already torn it down from our master bath) and let me just tell you, texturing walls sucks!

it's kind of sad that the first part you see of the inside of our home has been one of the most neglected. we haven't painted it, nor hung art or photos there. the bookshelf isn't organized and is probably dusty... and really just needs to be replaced.

since the entry hall connects (and can be seen from) the living room, i'm really wanting to tear down the existing wallpaper and put up something fresh. i've done a little searching, and have found some very nice selections from graham&brown. these are my favorites... there are so many beautiful ones to choose from! 

we're also planning on painting the living room a different color. while i do love the peachy color it currently is, sometimes i really just want something a little more calm and relaxing. we're thinking a light bluish-gray would look nice with all the white trim and still go with our furniture. 

will update if and when we finally get around to selecting some and ordering it... and of course post some photos of the before & after...

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