upholstery heaven.

sometimes i dream of someday owning my own little vintage shop. how awesome would that be? i can see it in my mind... and i already have quite the collection started. maybe with some handmade stuff thrown in by local artists/crafters. if that were ever to become a reality, i would want to have some classic antique pieces... and a few funky updated ones. we all see the chewed up chair with good bones, that buffet that just needs to be refinished or the dresser that would look fabulous with a nice, shiny coat of paint. i find them all the time and imagine what they could look like. well, these folks have totally read my mind. 

i have a couch that is sitting in our sunroom that i've been planning to reupholster for about half a year now. fabric has been the hardest thing to decide on, but now i think going with something funky and fresh is definitely what i'm leaning towards. will post pictures if i ever get it done :)
above ^^ slipper chair from Lotus Bleu
danish modern armchair above from Lotus Bleu

black armchair from Henry Road

pair of end chair from Henry Road


brandi p said...

cute finds!

Anonymous said...

in loooove.

Paula said...

So glad you like my chairs - I have such fun doing it. Good luck with your project.