love me some vintage. dresses.

every year the laf likes to round up all the graphic designers into one place and award the best of the best in the designing biz. the addy awards. happily, this year has a vintage (40's-50's) theme, which means i get to dress up in some awesome old clothes. so while i already have a dress and some shoes in mind to wear for the big show, i always like to browse my favorite online venue, etsy, for some inspiration. so, here are my picks... (please note that these dresses are not all my size or in my price range... it's just wishful thinking on my part)

this one is my favorite. great find from StelmaDesigns that i wish i had found before my wedding. i have dreams of having a big, fabulous anniversary party someday - and i'll be wearing this (or something very similar).

pretty little number from metroretrovintage. not sure this one is fancy enough for this type of event, but it sure is cute! would love to pair it with some bright yellow heels and a red cardigan. reminds me of carrie of s&tc during her vintage phase. 

frilly red from Thrush. this is one of those that i would have to try on before buying. cute, but not very sure about all the frills. i would also opt to wear a fluffy petticoat underneath to make the skirt flare out. now that's the secret to making your ankles look skinny...

bubblegum pink and ruffles from yummysailor. this dress would be absolutely perfect if it were green. like avacado green. or kelly green. or chartreuse green. you get the idea. i would also consider ditching the sheer sleeves and adding little cap sleeves. while i'm not too big of a pink person, this would be fun for a night out.


Kacia said...

Love these beautiful vintage dresses!! Pink one is really pretty!!

stelmadesigns said...

Oh my goodness, thank you for posting my dress on your blog! It would make a wonderful wedding dress wouldn't it?
What I pretty selection of vintage lovelies! Take care, Julia
Stelma Designs