so... i normally don't make resolutions. why? because i hardly ever follow them after the first few weeks. or days. but... there are some habits that i really do want to get rid of and a few things i'd really like to change, so here goes. 

1. clean out my closet.
i have tons of clothes that i don't wear anymore that i just can't seem to part with. i know, i know, i really need to take them to a consignment store or thrift store - or just put them on freecycle. that being said...

2. get organized.
i hate clutter. but it seems to take over every inch of my life. i can't stand it anymore... something has got to be done. i want to be able to find something quickly and easily instead of praying that st. anthony will show me the way.

3. get healthy(er).
so nobody's perfect, right? right. well, i'm going to try to be more perfect about the things i put into my body. i still don't think i could do the whole vegetarian thing - though i've really considered it. that doesn't mean that i can't eat more veggies though. and... i'm also going to start working out more. i don't have the metabolism that i used to, and let's face it - it's only going to get worse if i don't do anything about it. enter: wii fit. it's fun, and i'm actually sore the next day after spending some time on it.

4. read more.
i used to constantly have a book in my hands. i devoured novels like they were cookies. or diet coke. i started sifting through my collection the other night and realized how much i missed my favorite tales. so, i'm going to make it a priority to read more instead of plop down in front of the tube.

5. try new things.
i have lots of things that i want to try out and/or try to get better at. soap-making. crocheting. knitting. would love to letterpress. embroidery. sewing in general could use much improvement. learn more about photography. hmmm... lots of other things. maybe these could stretch out over several years...

6. save more money.
doug and i have actually been pretty good about that this year, but there's nothing wrong with having a little money stashed away for a rainy day. besides, we're looking at actually purchasing some new furniture (hopefully soon!) instead of just window shopping and wishful thinking...

so, now you know what i want to improve on this next year... what about yourself? here's hoping for a wonderful 2009, can't wait to see what happens!

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