to gocco or not to gocco

so after many long years (okay, like 2) of pining for my own personal gocco printer, i finally find one that is at a reasonable price. doug says go for it. i say yay. and we're both happy.

but now, well, something just has to ruin my good mood. i present yudu, by provocraft (maker of the cricut express). it seems that at least someone has been listening to the upset crafters who have been petitioning for riso not to shut down their doors. now, i don't know all the details, but it seems that you can burn and reuse (unlike gocco) these screens (which are around 15"x9", instead of the 3.5"x5.5" print you get from gocco). it also looks like a cleaner and much more efficient way of making screens and printing. no more one time use bulbs. no more buying new screens with every new design.

i know that i sound whiney, but seriously. why couldn't these have come out like... i dunno... a month ago? does anyone want to buy a gocco and some brand-spanking-new supplies?


kd-m said...

OH MY GOSH! (you had to know that i would be the first to comment on this!)

I both hate you (read: insanely jealous!) and love you right now for introducing me to yudu!

oooooh! the agony!

The printmaker........ T.N.Ferdinands BA(hons).MA said...

hi hope you get this yudu or is it gocco' but can you send me some info on this magical screen printer and any other details, even some exhibitions there's a load of framed stuff that's ready for show. About me! well I'm terry an artist in the uk and have a passion for printmaking 'etch,and mono even mixed media 'symbolist's was what my dissertation was about and previously abstract figurative dna
well do email me if you get this

Anonymous said...

omg soooo cool. i totally agree with katie! i am so jealous u got a gocco!! we've been talking about ever since carol brought it to class! and that yudu thing....AWESOME!

paperlust said...

yeah... i'm waiting on some supplies to come in before i try to burn/print anything... so exciting! will post more about it after the supplies come in...

but, now i want one of these yudu things... someday.