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it seems that the cpsc has finally made some decisions regarding the thrift and consignment stores... you can read about the changes here. according to this new document, clothes, toys and other childrens items will be allowed to be resold, as long as it was not a formerly recalled item or is known to have exceeding amounts of lead. maybe there is some hope for the handmade...

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this new law is finally getting the attention it deserves. click here for an article from the LA TIMES about thrift and consignment stores and how they will be affected by the CPSIA. i wonder how many lubbock stores have heard about the new law coming into effect next month? probably not many. if you have no clue about what i am referring to, you can check into an old post here.

as a constant thrifter, i am appalled and saddened that if this goes down the way everyone says it will, all the gently used children's clothing, toys and books will have to be removed from thrift and resale shops. i don't have any children, but if we ever did - i would purchase most if not all baby and children's clothing used or handmade! i'm sorry, but in my eyes they just grow too quickly to be constantly purchasing brand new items. and to know that it may not be an option in the near future is... well... frustrating to say the least. in the disposable world that we live in... the words reduce, reuse and recycle are finally becoming mainstream in a way nobody expected. tons of perfectly good clothing and other items will be thrown in the garbage... now how green of a world will we live in then?

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