one thing i love about etsy is the hearts function. you can 'heart' an item or a shop, and it saves it in your favorites! i love that because i don't have to make a list (which i would probably lose anyway) and others can view my hearts (and get gift ideas!). i like to save things that i think my friends or family might enjoy... sometimes just things that i get a kick out of. here are some of my recent 'hearts'. some of these have already been purchased, but i wanted to share them anyway. 

starting from the top left and moving clockwise: journey journal, by crackeddesigns | live letterpress poster, by hijirik | cicada necklace, by chainchainchained | original polaroid collage, by ethanollie | nomi journal, by theaybecees | hot camper potholders, by originalsbylauren | vintage wooden cow friend, by padywaak

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