so exciting!!! after months of searching craigslist and local thrift shops, we finally bit the bullet and looked around at some 'grown-up' furniture stores. we found just a few sofas and sectionals that we liked, most out of our price range... and then we found this! you probably can't tell from the photos, but it's a dark plum purple. i never thought in my life that doug and i would agree on a purple sofa, but alas! it was delivered this afternoon, and i am so excited! still not quite sure that it goes with our peachy walls, but i'm sure we'll find something that will work. will post pictures if we decide to paint... have been discussing possibly going 'greige' or a light bluish-gray. 

it's quite large, but since we didn't get the entire set (sofa, loveseat, chair + ottoman) i figure it'll be okay. also not sure that i love the colored pillows it came with... but again, i'll figure something out. it has so many pillows! i'm still trying to decide whether i like it with fewer (above) or all of them (below). so... now we're trying to find a new home for our previous couch. know anyone who needs a small, rocking, reclining loveseat?

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