it's been awhile.

i know, it's been awhile since i've posted any books. shame on me. but here are a few of my favorites that i've recently completed. above jane's mom is the one who ordered a book from me, and she was kind enough to send me some fabric (all the way from australia) from the wedding dress. they wanted something very earthy and natural, but elegant.

kelly must have some really great friends because one of her bridesmaids purchased a book from me to give as a gift! another great friend designed the invitations and the pattern you see on the cover and front panel. she was nice enough to let me use her designs so that it would match the invitations.

lindsey was also wonderful to work with! she sent me ribbon all the way from the UK to use on her book. she also emailed me some design elements, which i turned into vector art for her book.

things have certainly been slowing down since 'wedding season' has passed. it has been a nice change of pace though, compared to the craziness of this summer. i have really enjoyed spending a quite evening with doug - watching a movie or cooking dinner, going christmas shopping (or just window shopping) together.

i just wanted to say thanks to all the wonderful brides who ordered a book from me this year. without you, doug and i would not have had such a lovely vacation this summer, i was also able to get some new and much needed equipment, and it also helped out when we went christmas shopping! etsy has really opened my eyes to the world of handmade - and just how passionate so many are about their art/craft (not that those are the same thing...). i will still be taking some orders for custom books - i don't plan on doing quite as many at a time as i did earlier this year. that just about drove me mad! however, i do enjoy creating - and will continue my etsy shop, at least for the time being. i am waiting to see what happens after doug gets out of school...
i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas! i know i did. i will be posting some new year's resolutions here pretty soon... have you written yours yet?

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