would you like to see what i've done this week?

so, when you see me and wonder why i look sleep deprived, you'll know without having to ask :) the sad thing is... this isn't even all of them that have been completed this week. 

i am really starting to like this cut-out panel. although it doesn't have all the fancy ribbon and stuff, it's a very simple and elegant way to display the design. i'll be doing a few more of these cutout panels in the weeks to come. i also wanted to say thanks to cece for trusting me on this one!

oh, and i've decided that i'm going to start a weekly posting (on fridays as long as i get enough sleep that week) called Etsy Advice (super creative, huh?). during this time i will share my knowledge and resources that i've learned so far selling on etsy. got any questions you want answered? send me a line and i'll answer it to the best of my abilities.

i also want to start featuring some of my couples that have purchased guestbooks from me and have had their wedding (and used their book!). if you fit this description and would like to be featured, just let me know!


kd-m said...

oh amanda! you're really out-doing yourself now! LOVE the window! is that paper flocked???! i want to touch it! I love the look of windows...but I hate cutting the square & wrapping the paper on them. It always ends up messy for me.

kd-m said...

& i loooove jamie & seth's biries, so simple, so perfect!