today i am

today i am 23 years old. sometimes i feel like i'm much older than that, though. but i guess i've done quite a bit so far in this short time. i graduated college, i married my best friend (and wonderful man), i've had some awesome (and not so awesome) jobs... and i currently have a great job that i love! i've met some wonderful friends that have always been supportive and encouraging to me. and i've been creating these books for over a year now, and have been selling them for over 6 months! business is growing everyday it seems like. i'll soon be introducing some new notecards and magnet sets. where does the time go exactly?

above is a book that i made for someone else who recently had a birthday. parkridge pregnancy center had their 15 year anniversary this month, and i was able to donate a sign-in book for the banquet they hold every year. i was also fortunate enough to work on their invitation, ministry report, program and other pieces for this year's banquet (through hartsfield design, where i work as a graphic designer). their banquet was last night, september 23rd. jim daly, from focus on the family, was their guest speaker... if you ever have a chance to hear him speak, i suggest you do so. he has a wonderful story to tell and a wonderful sense of humor as well. doug and i had such a great time at the banquet last night, and i'm glad that i get to be a part of something that helps so many people. 

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kd-m said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!
That's awesome that you got to donate one of your fancy books!