some new books

here are a few books that i've been lazy in posting. i really am trying here to post more! i made christina's book with this awesome red krinkle paper from paperstudio. it has a really nice texture (almost like leather) and variation in color.

dominique wanted something a little different. her book is post-bound. this option doesn't open flat like the spiral books, but can be easily taken apart to add or remove pages.

sarah had picked out some unusual wrapping paper for her cover, but i think it works well. i threw in some metallic blue for the front panel and used the flocked red as a border.

i usually don't post on the weekend, but doug's starting a new shift at the hospital (7am-3pm!), so i had some time on my hands to post... not that i don't have any books to work on or anything... i hope you enjoyed my first post on selling on etsy. i would like to make it a weekly thing (like etsy fridays?) because i still have tons of information and resources to share with you. and if you have a second... jump over to my friend (and fabulous designer) katie's blog to check out this awesome video she found about the handmade nation. 

have a good weekend!

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