diy notecards

since i have nothing better to do on a wednesday night while listening to my oh-so-wonderfully greasy battered okra fries away i thought i would share a little diy project with you. now this is nothing special... just something i thought would be cool to make with all my leftover cardstock. the size i'm using is 3.5x11, folded to 3.5x5.5. this isn't a favorite size, but rather scrap paper left over from previous books. i think it makes a nice sized card though, to write all your thank-you's on

i used my paperlust logo stamp that i ordered from JLMould since i will be sending these along with some books that i recently finished. you could use a decorative stamp from a craft store or something you carved yourself... or you could print a design from your computer (except that these leftover sheets wouldn't run through :(

i just made a few, since i do still have other projects to finish tonight, six seemed like a good number to finish on. i'll probably make more this weekend to keep on stock. now, you could leave these as-is or embellish them a little more for added drama. i am going to experiment on a few to see what looks good.

this, ladies and gentlemen is my nifty little hole-punching device. you can adjust where the holes are, and punch multiple (i'm talking 50 sheets of paper) at once. it's wonderful!

here's some of the 'finished' cards. i left the ivory ones plain, but scalloped the edges on the white cards and added ribbon to the kraft ones. i'd like to go back and try some things with grommets, just not tonight... 

well there you go, folks. now you have no excuse to throw-away that extra paper just lying around your house! make some inexpensive cards for any occasion and save some $$$ (and a trip to the store).


kd-m said...

gotta love (& embrace) the scalloped edges when they are appropriate. Can be scrapbook-y but so perfect when they're done right! love it!

JessicaLynn said...

Thank you again for working with me on your custom stamp. The mini-notecards look great. I love the color ink that you picked to go with the stock. Great job!

Have a great day,
Jessica Lynn