mmm, new paper and an announcement!

this has nothing to do with what i am announcing, but i just had to post it anyway. my friend and owner of hodgepodge in lubbock recently got a shipment of paper in from india. she ordered it at the national stationery show (yes, i'm jealous that she went...) and it is gorgeous. this is only one of quite a few designs she got in, but this is my favorite. clean and crisp, i hope i get to use it on a book soon!

so, now back to what i was going to say... quite a few of my friends have talked lately about opening up a shop on etsy. since i've been selling on that venue for almost six months now, i decided that i would share what i've learned thus far. i am currently gathering my thoughts and some online resources, so please be patient! i hope to have the first post about it up this week. yes, i said first. of several. probably four. we'll see how much i can type before my fingers get tired. anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up to be looking for my two cents worth of advice and info to help you get started selling your handmade (or vintage) goods on this great site.

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kd-m said...

muchas gracias!
I will keep an eye out, and starting some research as well!