friday link love.

i know, i haven't been very good about posting lately... what's new?

as much as i love my job, i can't contain my excitement of a 3 day weekend. sure, i have vacation/sick time off i can use, but i prefer to keep those open in case i get sick or of an emergency.

i will be heading up to amarillo tomorrow to spend time with my folks. and hopefully pinch these little cheeks! hoping we can get some thrifting in, as well as check out a shop i discovered recently thanks to knack! maybe i will have some energy left on monday to actually get something done around the house...

i have so many projects i want to work on, but i really need to finish the ones i've started first. on my brain lately: finish painting the doors in the bedroom (yeah, still not done! but i bought a small foam roller, so maybe that will motivate me), hang up our floating shelves, and replace the curtains. and do something about a headboard...

here are some links from my week:

this peach shortbread recipe sounds amazing. doubt i will ever make them since i would be the only one at the house eating them! thanks smitten kitchen!

black eiffel links to her favorite whole wheat pancake recipe. i will have to try these out sometime. i make bisquick ones last weekend and realized i didn't really care for them much anymore.

how cute it this petticoat? sewing in no mans land has some awesome sewing tutorials. maybe someday...

i am loving this rustic diy headboard on kara paslay designs... just not sure it would work in our not-so-rustic bedroom.

this maternity book is adorable! see what happens when photographers are pregnant? found through blush!nk.

little birdie secrets posted another diy version of fabric rosettes. this would be a good way to go if you are not friends with the hot glue gun.

i love these little doggie clothes! makes them really look like little people... thanks going home to roost for making me want to dress up my fur kids.

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