had a great time this weekend! got to go to some places in amarillo i've never been before. we visited nest (route 66), which was cool, but a little over my price range. then i found this sweet little silver sugar bowl in an over-crowded antique store. the lid is a little tough to get off, so whether or not it gets used has yet to be determined. but i just love the little feet.

we also went to a few thrift stores, one of which was more like a junk yard. rows and rows of crap piled on top of each other. i did find a few things i liked, but nothing was priced! we also hit up the new goodwill, which was gigantic. i found this cute set of what i thought was vintage dinnerware... googling it when i got home on monday showed it was produced between 2002-2006. oh well, it's still pretty - even if i only have 4 bowls, but 8 plates.

i actually didn't get this piece this weekend. it came from an estate sale a few months back. and i actually purchased a whole box full of mismatched silver for a few bucks, this was just the one i loved the most. the lady tried to tell me i can get some chemical stuff to clean the silverware... i tried to tell her i liked it the way it was.

and these are not thrifty, but free! my mom gave me these forgotten frames that have been occupying a closet for the past 15 years or so... they've already gotten a fresh coat of matte black paint and one is already hanging up with a photo of my nephew!

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