ethan | 5 weeks | canyon, texas

as promised, a few of the photos from this last weekend. i am loving my new lens, and i really enjoy taking pictures of the little ones. you know, as long as they don't wear me out too much! this little guy is so sweet, and i can't wait to take more photos as he grows older!

how sweet is that? this has to be one of my favorite pictures, ever. to see my brother holding his little baby just melts my heart.

i even snapped a few of their two doggies. harley is a sweet little guy who 'purrs' when you pet him. he's so cute and he's little ethan's guard dog.

this is chloe. i don't think she liked me taking pictures of her... but she sure did make some cute faces!

and... if you're wondering... i am by no means starting a photography business. i have quite a bit on my plate right now, but i do love taking pictures and want to get better. i am going to start watermarking all the photos i post here because i think it's more professional and i like to get the credit when someone sees one of my pictures. selfish? perhaps.

however, i am happy to get all the practice i can to better my skills. so if you are needing portraits done or photos for any reason and live in the lubbock area, just send me an email. and fyi: i won't shoot weddings or any other major event.


brandi p said...

GIRL! these photos are GREAT! keep it up!

paperlust said...

thanks, i learn something new everyday it seems! hope you are doing well!