the spider's web.

this is in our front yard, by our driveway. more specifically - the side of the driveway i park on. did i mention my hate for spiders? but... this was so beautiful tuesday night that i just had to take a few photos before something happened to it.

or before the spider came back... which it did. i saw it wednesday morning and nearly grabbed my camera, but really just couldn't bring myself to do it. perhaps if i had a telephoto lens it would've been okay.

i didn't take a ton of photos... and the ones from other angles just weren't as neat looking. i love these because you can see how intricate and delicate the web is.

doing this really made me realize that i don't utilize my camera as much as i should. i don't really take it with me unless i know i'll be needed/expected to take photos... and sometimes i think people just think i'm that crazy person with the camera. i really need to get out there every week and do a 'photography assignment'...

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