which bag?

since purchasing my new lenses, i've really felt the need to upgrade my camera bag. it's great for carrying my d60 with a lens attached... but any more than that and it gets a little crowded. i figured since i would probably be spending some cash on a new bag, i might as well get one i like. it would be nice to carry around a bag that doesn't scream 'camera' and goes with my wardrobe.

i came back from my search rather disappointed. there are a few great styles out there, but most are a little more than what i wanted to spend. for someone that's an amateur/enthusiast, i don't want to spend hundreds on a camera bag. my first love? the lola bag from epiphanie. (top photo) while i do have the go ahead from my significant other to order her... i am starting to feel guilty about such a big purchase when i'm certainly no pro. so i kept looking...

this scarlet tote from jo totes is my second favorite. and, it's about half the price! i love that it still looks like a purse, and is not overly trendy looking - a classic style that can be used for years. i'm really leaning towards this one... it will get the job done and won't cost nearly as much.

i also found this cute option from jill-e. their canvas/vinyl bags are still a bit more than i want to spend, but this one is the least costly that i've found. however, it still seems a little juvenile to me, and i'm wanting a more grown-up look.

any thoughts on camera bags for women? there is a huge market for this that someone needs to fill. a few companies are stepping up to the plate (mainly women photographers in need of something stylish to carry their equipment) and i'm sure there are plenty of chicks like me who don't have a ton of cash to spend making their hobby look good.

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