clock: before & after

this was one of those projects that you think "oh, i'll have this done in no time!" and then it never happens. i purchased this cute little clock at a garage sale across the street from us (last year, i think). i loved the shape, but wasn't a big fan of the blue decals stuck to the front, sides and back. it sat in our kitchen... then got moved to my office... put in a box... you get the idea. finally, i decided it would be cute covered in paper and used as a colorful accent in our bedroom.

how cute is it now?

basically, i sanded those decals until they were smooth, traced the outline onto some pretty paper, and used acrylic gloss medium to adhere it and then finish it off. going around the edges was tricker, since it's thinner at the top than the bottom, but i was able to cut the excess from the edges pretty easily.

why did i use acrylic gloss medium instead of modpodge? well, i think it's easier to work with and creates a smoother surface. i've never been able to modpodge anything and get a flat surface. not that my clock isn't without it's flaws... but it looks pretty good. and, if i ever get tired of this look, i can just glue some more paper to the front and have a new clock!

unfortunately, i wasn't able to pry off the hands to get to the face. i had grand plans of making a very modern clock face to replace this one, but it didn't work out. i'm glad i picked out paper that matches it pretty well, since i couldn't do anything about it.

so... if you find something pretty cheap at a garage sale, thrift store, etc, don't be afraid to do something crazy to it. i didn't spend much on this clock (maybe $.50 to purchase?) and had all the other supplies already. a few hours of sanding, cutting, and glueing... now i have a cute clock for next to nothing.

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