gocco or no?

i hate to even post this... but i thought it couldn't hurt. i'm considering selling my gocco printer. ouch, i know. i wanted one so badly... found one, bought it and have not used it at all. don't we all make these crafting mistakes? i know this isn't the only thing i thought i would use a ton, but haven't. i would like to hang on to it, but don't really see the point if i'm never going to use it... it's just taking up precious space and i could use the money on something else!

so... if you are interested in purchasing mine (it's a B6), shoot me an email at paperlustbooks@gmail.com. i will check my kit and put a list up of everything that's included, because i bought a few things after i purchased the printer. it's plenty to get you started, and then some!

why am i posting this here? i hate to reopen shop on etsy just to sell this thing, and i really hate ebay... though i may be forced to go that route if need be. i might also try my local craigslist...

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