a book for chloe.

here's a book i made for sweet little chloe, who turns one this month! i also have a few other surprises for her this weekend... but i'm waiting to post those pictures. chloe's mom is super creative, so i can't wait to see what all she puts in here!

we decided on a post binding so that she can add and remove pages as need be. this will also allow her to expand the book if she wants to make it bigger.

i hope she likes it! this was my first time using book cloth (the dark brown stuff on the binding edge) and i love the way it turned out. i'm hoping it will make the spine more durable as well.

i'm ready for the weekend! and hoping i don't get sick... woke up with a sore throat this morning. i have plans that involve monkey grass and a weed-eater... and i'm playing photographer for chloe's bday party this sunday, so i'm sure i'll need my strength!

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