friday link love.

i'm glad this week is over, but i've got tons of stuff to do at the house. with a sick husband and a sick doggie, i'm not sure how much will actually get done! hopefully i can work in the yard some, maybe finish painting the doors in our bedroom and work on my office.

here are some links from my week:
make it and love it has a great tutorial that would work for little girls or big ones. this will go on my list of 'need to do' when i get my office in order and can actually use my sewing machine!

young house love has a great post on cloth diapers. it's shocking to see how much they spent on disposables the first 9 weeks (until their baby was big enough to fit the cloth ones) compared to the cloth diapers that will last until she's potty trained...

i have dreams of making my own rain barrels... just can't find any cheap plastic ones on craigslist right now... keeping this post from freshcrush for the future.

loving this headboard (made from an old door) on design*sponge. the bench redo is pretty cute too...

this reader home makeover featured on desire to inspire is really something! i don't know if i could ever buy a home that started out like theirs did... ours certainly wasn't perfect, but it had a lot going for it before we moved in!

for anyone interested in photography, this shoot-a-long over at givers log is very helpful. instead of being too technical, it's worded in a way us non-pros will understand!

hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

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