friday link love.

ready for the weekend! i've got lots of things i want to accomplish... now i just have to get motivated! it seems i always have big plans and then just put them off... i'm going to try and not let that happen this time! a few things i'd like to tackle...

plant some monkey grass in the front yard. it seems all the rain we've gotten this summer has made the bermuda grass go crazy. it's trying to take over my little boxwood bushes and i'm not too happy about that. hoping the monkey grass will keep it at bay.

finish painting the doors in our bedroom. yep, still not done yet. but i'm tired of staring at paint cans in our bedroom, so i'm going to finish that one asap.

general organizing. there is stuff in some closets i haven't seen since we moved in. must mean i really don't need it, huh? i've got to get rid of some of my 'stuff.'

here are some links from my week... not too much:

these tiramisu cupcakes on cupcake project sound divine. surely i can find some reason to make them?

this post on cumbersome about debranding the bathroom and using natural products is interesting. i've been a natural soap convert for over a year now, have switched to just using handmade makeup and (store bought) eyeliner, and i've considered switching to baking soda for my 'shampoo'... maybe after this next bottle runs out...

this diy purse organizer is pretty cool. there are some purses i never use simply because it is a bottomless pit and stuff gets lost. thanks fresh crush!

this anniversary box is a neat idea. i could see this being a great gift from a bridesmaid or relative. found on givers log.

design sponge had some great diy projects this week: a denim cutoff winebag and a cheap custom curtain rod.

really considering taking this home ec class... i've never really learned how to sew properly and sometimes i'm scared of my machine... anyway, i have until sunday to sign-up!

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