it's already october?

i know i've been bad... i didn't post at all last week. so i thought i'd show you a little of what i've been up to. last week was extremely busy. i had a huge job (144 page huge) to get out the door at my daytime job along with a few rushed jobs for paperlust. i've also been busy trying to get all my sales tax stuff straight since i am technically a 'business'. 

i also wanted to announce that i am no longer accepting rush orders for wedding guestbooks. i have quite a few on my plate right now, and am unable to squeeze any more in at the moment. i'm sorry for the inconvenience, but i have to find some time to sleep :)

in other news, hodgepodge turned 4 on saturday! happy b-day hodgepodge! i know i didn't get to see you for long, but congrats dinah, on all your success with the store. (ps - they also have a new blog... check it out here!)

i hope you all have a great week! i promise i'll be posting more this week... in the mean time - here's a few new books!

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